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Autumn _ CTB 2015.jpg


Autumn is a playful, site specific solo performed at Telopea Gardens during the colourful, changeable season from which it takes it name. The work was viewed relationship to the ephemeral found object sculpture called CO-LAB -(a collaborative work. In community we are moving from a position of fragmentation as individual artists, to forming a work in inter-relationships). 

Remaining constant, the gardens are constantly changing. The urge to frolic battles the invitation for stillness and the desire to look closer, to see bigger. I want to share the gardens with you, but they do not need me. The gardens describe themselves.

Created and Performed by Ashlee Bye for Circling the Brink as part of the PAVE Festival, Emerald (VIC), 2015

Curated by Vivienne Rogis

Sculptor Karen Wilke

Images of Autumn @ CTB 2015 courtesy of Vivienne Rogis

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