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Linger is an original site specific solo created in collaboration with a local food grower and creator. Audience members were invited to taste the carefully curated and crafted morsels of food whilst watching the performance, which took place despite the rainy weather.

There are many things in life that persist, endure or just hang around.
But they do change... transmute... transform... and our relationships to these things also change.


Our memories change – with time. Or, the way we feel about our memories change; as we, like this garden, are changing with every day and with every year.


Our memories and experiences leave us with aftertastes. Though time will slowly alter and diminish them, they continue to inform and even define us.

How to experience your morsels:

  1. Look at it. Notice shape, colour, texture...

  2. Remember or guess what it tastes like. Notice any physiological (salivating) or psychological (associative) responses.

  3. Taste it (remember that aroma is also involved in taste)

  4. Notice the immediate sensations after swallowing

  5. Experience any aftertastes and sensations (temperature, tingling) in your mouth, throat, back teeth, lips...

  6. Continue to notice this as it lingers... Does it change over time?

  7. Notice any responsive desires – do you crave more? A glass of water? Another morsel to pair it with? Are you satisfied?

Linger _CTB 18_Kate J Baker

Linger @ CTB 2018, Images by Kate J Baker

Created and Performed by Ashlee Bye for Circling the Brink, PAVE Festival, Emerald (VIC) 2018

Curated by Vivienne Rogis at Telopea Gardens

Food pairing by Sharni Steel (Spurrell Foraging)

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