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Concentricity is a site-specific work created in collaboration with dancers from REVEL for Art Not Apart. In response to the theme of the festival: Today I, Tomorrow You, it comprised a series of solos and contrasting ensemble work, exploring the complex relationships between a community and its constituent individuals. The work was performed at the Shine Dome (Australian Academy of Science).

My community educates me. It curates what I consume. What I consume affects what I think. What I think becomes what I contribute, what I create, what I affect. I affect you. You and I shape our community.

‘Concentricity’ interrogates our motivations and priorities regarding our relationships and the ripple effects of our actions. Within a world of brand-building and burnout should we be focusing our attention on global issues or self care? Should it be one before the other?

Images courtesy of the artists

Choreographed by Ashlee Bye & dancers

Commissioned & Performed by REVEL - Canberra Dance Theatre

Presented at the Shine Dome Moat, Art Not Apart, 2020

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