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Beyond Exhaustion

Beyond Exhaustion delves into the various layers of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and the states of consciousness that exist within them. These layers ebb and flow as contrasting reactionary behaviours manifest and merge into the dreamscape, sometimes lacking in definition, yet always leaving impressions in the space.

Beyond Exhaustion @ YAH 2013, Images by Lorna Sim Photography

"Beyond Exhaustion leaves its audience in a dream-like state, and self-reflective on the toll of allowing our own daily toils to get the better of us." - Scissors Paper Pen

Beyond Exhaustion @ East Elevation 2013, Images by Beth Lane & Hannah Wong

Created and Performed by Ashlee Bye, Courtney Scheu, Hannah Wong and Kelly Beneforti

Music and visuals mixed by Hannah Wong

Soundtrack featuring Akufene and Chris Zabriskie 

Presented at

Shucked Coffee House, Brisbane Fringe Festival 2012

Crack Theatre Festival (NSW) 2012

East Elevation (VIC) 2013

Canberra Museum and Gallery, You Are Here Festival (ACT) 2013

Supported by QL2 Dance, Shucked Coffee House, East Elevation

Beyond Exhaustion @ BFF 2012, Images by Jessica Woolsley

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