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Australian Dance Party

LESS is an illuminated outdoor dance and music performance on the evocative architectural public artwork, Less Pavilion, Dairy Road, Fyshwick.

Directed by Alison Plevey in collaboration with dancers Ryan Stone, Ashlee Bye, Levente Szabo, Jake Silvestro, Patricia Hayes-Cavanagh and Gabriel Sinclair.

Sound design by Alex Voorhoeve with live instrumentation by Liam Budge (vocals) and John Mackey (sax).

Lighting Design by Ove McLeod.

Costume Design by Aislinn King.

Presented as part of the Enlighten Festival and The BOLD Festival 2022. 

2022 ADP_LESS_Enlighten

Image: Lorna Sim Photography

2020 ADP&Collab_LakeMarch@QnElizTerrace

Image: Lorna Sim Photography

Lake March

Australian Dance Party

‘Lake March’ is a spontaneous dance and music performance unfolding along the pathways of Lakes Burley Griffin, Ginninderra and Tuggeranong. Families, friends and exercise buffs of all ages flocking to the Lake to fill up on nature, gossip and sweat will unsuspectingly be treated to an artistic happening, a shared moment of surprise, reflection and joy.


Ignited by the turbulent context we are experiencing globally in 2020, the artists draw on notions of absence – of human-to-human touch, of a just and stable world, of collective joy – experiences for which we yearn.

Choreographed by Alison Plevey and Alana Stenning

Presented by the Where You Are Festival 2020

Canberra Critics Circle Award

Australian Dance Party


Strut Your Stuff

dance film as part of the Move to Zero 2.0 initiative to bring the ACT government's carbon reduction target to the public.  

Autumn Lantern

Australian Dance Party

Dancers and musicians weave movement, music and light symbolic of lanterns lighting the way through festival, or city spaces. Responsive to place and the activity present there, 'Autumn Lantern' playfully reveals the character of the natural and architectural spaces and the choreographies already present within them. Follow them as they thread a mystical, waltz and hum through your event from twilight into the darkness.

Concept/Direction Alison Plevey 

Presented at Enlighten Festival 2020

Autumn Lanterns 2020 Credit Martin Ollma

Image: Martin Ollman

So, In Search of Sophia 2019 Credit Barb

SO - in Search of Sophia

Mirramu Dance Company

SO – in Search of Sophia (in Greek mythology the goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence) was performed in celebration of the 2019 Summer Solstice in the amphitheatre at Mirramu Creative Arts Centre, Lake George. 

Ashlee also performed with Elizabeth for the VR film project, Crone, directed by Kenneth Spiteri

Choreographed by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman & Dancers

Image: Barbie Robinson

Playing Up

Canberra Dance Theatre

City Flash Mob for Canberra Dance Theatre and City Renewal Authority, 2019

Choreographed by Jake Kuzma with Ashlee Bye

Image: Canberra Dance Theatre

Piccolo Cor.jpg

Image: Dunedin Wears the Pants

Piccolo Cor

Anna and Miriam Noonan

Piccolo Cor combines dance and theatre to explore human vulnerability and worth. It celebrates happiness, connection and imperfection in the quest for personal and communal identity

Choreography & Direction by Anna & Miriam Noonan

Presented at 

Mary Hopewell Theatre, Dunedin Fringe Festival 2012

Allan Hall Theatre, 2013


Menagerie was a professional dance collective formed by the VCA Dance 2011 graduating class.


Periphery - Anywhere Festival, 2014

Fractious (Development) 2013-14

Decision Making & Choreography - research project at Revolt ArtSpace, 2013

Image courtesy of Menagerie


Image Rachel Roberts


Ben Speth

WeTubeLIVE celebrates the bizarre, the narcissistic and the occasionally talented, curating 100 live performances appropriated from YouTube. Each performer is presented in a carefully demarcated square—neat and contained with their personal effects and own sound system. The taped square works to create a barrier not unlike a computer screen; viewers walk amid performers without fear of interfering, happy to gaze and gawk as though invisible.

Concept & Direction Ben Speth

Project Manager Bec Reid

Dance Facilitator Adam Wheeler

Presented at the NGV Great Hall in Dance Massive 2013

The Faders

Liquid Skin

Do you want to be famous? Be careful what you wish for. In The Faders, choreographer Rochelle Carmichael explores the cult of celebrity and the perils of valuing one’s self worth in the currency of public adoration.”

Choreography Rochelle Carmichael 

Presented at the Substation, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2012

Image Justin Batchelor

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