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as part of Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life marks the ten-year anniversary of the National Arboretum Canberra, and 20 years since the devastating Canberra bush fires. The Djinama Yilaga choir, rising star clarinettist Oliver Shermacher perform together with local artists for a celebration of life and new growth. The event culminates with a performance of a new work by Australian Dance Party, co-commissioned by Ausdance ACT and Canberra International Music Festival. 


Hillscape is the new work choreographed by Australian Dance Party’s Ashlee Bye with new composition by Dan Walker for Seeds of Life. 

Olivia Wikner Photography

We enter the vastness of the landscape to celebrate the Sisyphean cycle of generation and regeneration. Expanding and connecting into strong networks to negotiate the precariousness of the ecosystem, we reach out of the earth to climb and tumble, to bustle and thrive.

Performance Images by Lorma Sim

...[Hillscape] not only suggested that Ashlee Bye is a choreographer to watch, but continued Australian Dance Party’s image as a company presenting site-specific works with unusual vision and inventiveness. - Michelle Potter

Choreographed by Ashlee Bye for Australian Dance Party

Performed by Ashlee Bye, Yolanda Lowatta and Patricia Hayes Cavanagh

Secondee Gabbie Andrews

Co-commissioned by Canberra International Music Festival and Ausdance ACT

Presented at the National Arboretum Canberra, as part of Australian Dance Week 2023

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