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Infundibular is a cross-disciplinary dance-media work that leads you through a wormhole in time and space where nothing is as it seems. Showing over four nights at Dancehouse Carlton, Infundibular is a provocative and absorbing work inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Sirens of Titan". Featuring the work of Menagerie dancers Ashlee Bye, Moriya Rosenberg, Rachel Heller-Wagner and artists from the Rival Dealer Design Collective, Infundibular offers a delicate and challenging dance experience in which the audience is immersed within a unique interactive audio/visual set.

Traversing Earth, Mars, Mercury and Titan, Infundibular is staged in four movements, reflecting the structure of Vonnegut’s novel, drawing upon themes of freedom and control. Earth examines the tension between the “safety” of control and the “freedom” of chaos; Mars focuses on conflict and the violence of imposed control; Mecury explores the delicate symbiosis of human and non-human life forms; and Titan plunges into the Chronosynclastic Infundibulum itself, in search of destiny and meaning in the face of an all-consuming fate

The work profoundly engages the tension between humanity and the technology we surround ourselves with. Featuring an interactive audio/visual system and a digitally fabricated dynamic set designed by Dr Stanislav Roudavski, Infundibular is a rich sensory experience that offers a glimpse of what our future urban environments might be like to live in. 

Excerpts from the development and performance of a scene from Infundibular, entitled 'Mercury'

"Most successful is the Mercury scene, in which a solo dancer attracts diamond-shaped scraps of light on the floor around her..." - Realtime

"Bye's solo is intricately detailed. Small isolations of her ribcage, head and hands create interesting shapes with just the right dynamic range." - SMH

Presented at Dancehouse in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2014

Choreographed & Performed by Ashlee Bye and Rachel Heller-Wagner

Music Jess Keefe, Camille Robinson and Roger Alsop

Visual Projection Travis Cox

Interaction Design Mark Pederson

Set Dr. Stanislav Rudavski

Additional choreography Moriya Rosenberg

Supported by Dancehouse, The Substation, Ausdance VIC, University of Melbourne Student union & VCA student association

Images courtesy of the artists

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