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Far Flung

FAR FLUNG is an interactive dance work devised by emerging artists collaborating across regional and metropolitan Victoria and Queensland. An exercise in physicalising the experience of non-physical interaction, FAR FLUNG is created via correspondence: Skype conferencing, social media, recorded video and the written word are fundamental to the development process and group rehearsals are rare.

The performance is an extension of the process: occurring simultaneously in multiple spaces throughout Newcastle, the dancers perform the work to separate audiences, interacting with each other through a network of live video projections. The audience is invited to choose the venue from which they witness the long distance dance as it unfolds, and to influence the performance by sharing their own experiences of “going the distance” via live feeds of social media. Stay alert – the locations and number of performance sites may shift from one performance to the next.

FAR FLUNG combines elements of site specific, durational, interactive and multimedia work with improvisation and risk, instilling personal narratives at the heart of the work with each performance growing out of the previous one.

Relationships and distance… an unhappy mix? Choose your time, choose your venue and join the story as it unfolds.

Images from Far Flung Showing @ Creative Behaviours 2014. Photos by Helen Duncan

Created and Performed by Ashlee Bye, Courtney Scheu, Hannah Wong, Anna Kallstrom and Robert Brassington

Supported by Creative Behaviours and Creative Partnerships Australia

Presented in the 2014 Crack Theatre Festival (This is Not Art) 

Far Flung & QL2 at
You Are Here

Melbourne and Queensland based artists Ashlee Bye and Courtney Scheu have collaborated with young dancers from Canberra's QL2 to create Far Flung: an interactive, real-time performance event that explores the challenges and excitement of long-distance communication.

Taking subject matter into process, Bye and Scheu began to develop the work with their dancers via email correspondence before meeting and rehearsing in the dance studio. The performance will take place across 3 venues that are within walking distance of each other, linked via live-streamed, online video conference. Audience members are invited to choose their venue or move between them as the like. 

QL2 Dancers perform Far Flung at You Are Here 2015. Photos by Lorna Sim Photography

Choreographed by Ashlee Bye, Courtney Scheu and dancers.

Performed by Jason Pearce, Nasim Patel, Maddy Towler Lovell and Ursula Taylor

Supported by QL2 Dance

Presented at You Are Here 2015

Originally devised by Scheu and Bye with Anna Kallstrom, Hannah Wong and Robert Brassington

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